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Nationwise Cleaning, formerly You’ve Got it Maid – Commercial Cleaning Services

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Hi, there. Welcome to Nationwise Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning Services provided by long-time company founder, Michael B. Levy. We want to introduce ourselves, so let’s start with some history first.

We Re-branded

Nationwise Cleaning has nearly 20 years of experience in the Commercial Cleaning market. That’s because we recently re-branded from You’ve Got It Maid: a cleaning service rooted deep in Central, Ohio, serving commercial clients since its founding. You’ve Got It Maid has proven to be the choice for ethical cleaning, receiving an “A+ Superior Service Award” from Angie’s List, and more than 16 years of an “A+ rating” from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Our roots are the same, but our branches might just look a little different.

Why do companies re-brand? It’s simple: there’s no one reason why. But we can share ours. To get transparent, our former name is a bit outdated. While we’ve always stepped first with the best of intentions, as a business, we must be willing and able to learn, adjust, and adapt. We understand the term “maid” can be inferred as outdated: we believe that words matter, and limiting: as though we only serviced residential markets.

Therefore, You’ve Got it Maid is now Nationwise Cleaning: cleaning services for all commercial business markets, performed by highly-trained staff, backed with 20+ years of experience, and established by the same Founder, Michael B. Levy.

Evolving is Necessary

Nationwise Cleaning, formerly You've Got It Maid, is the new image of commercial cleaning services in Central Ohio. Our mission is to provide the most detailed, most professional, and most trustworthy experience to each and every client. A promise from You’ve Got It Maid that will continue to carry forth with this new journey.

Feel Safe in Your Office

What a monumental time we are in, these days. One component in today’s conversation: cleaning has never been so important, so valued, and so necessary to the health and happiness of business owners, staff, and consumers.

Nationwise Cleaning is the wise choice for your commercial business office, real estate leasing areas, country clubs, retail stores, daycare facilities, medical offices, and dealerships – just to name a few.

Ongoing, internal education focusing on effective products, staff protection, and being extremely detailed, has never served us better.

You can feel safe knowing we've been practicing the right way to clean for a very long time.

Request a Consultation

Request a consultation, delivered personally by the Founder himself, Michael B. Levy. To simplify things for you, you can choose from three packages. Check those out here.

No matter which option you select, we’ll clean your office, so you can clear your mind.

Thank You

Thank you for joining us on this new path. Stay tuned and more to come.

All our best,

Nationwise Cleaning & Team

P: (614) 378-0656


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