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The dirty is in the details

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

When you walk into your office space, your doctor's office, or your child's daycare, what do you notice? You might first notice how you feel versus how something appears. We hope you feel welcomed and seen, and we also hope you feel at ease. Part of this feeling is the cleanliness of the space. And it's what your clients, patients, or members will remember when they leave your building.

Commercial cleaning services are not one-size-fits-all. It's about having a foundational standard of excellence which is then personalized to the customer. We believe in tailoring a commercial cleaning service to the customer's needs – because they can be different.

Curious to what we build into our foundational standard of excellence? It comes down to the details. If your floors are shiny and the carpet is lint free (which is an absolute must), but there are still dirty corners and fuzzy window sills, then the cleaning is not finished.

Here are 5 dirty details Nationwise Cleaning never overlooks.

The Corners.

We clean every corner: where walls meet the ceiling, baseboards meet the floor, and stairs meet the next stair. Corners are a prime giveaway if your cleaning company is doing enough (or not).

The Windows.

Window glass must be spotless – including your glass doorways. But what about those window sills and the blinds? Window sills and window blinds are included in our standard of excellence. Take a peek at your closest window – is it up to your standards?

The Stairwells.

If you have a stairwell in your office, we're fans of taking those stairs if and when you're able. But have you ever noticed they are often a big oversight when it comes to cleaning? Have you ever thought, "Someone needs to clean these stairs sometime." That's where we come in.

The Entryway.

Your patrons' absolute first impression of your office? It's when they walk through the door – and the doorway itself counts. Nationwise Cleaning ensures a spotless entryway every time, including any carpet area rugs, steel door plates, glass doors, and doorway handles.

The Vents.

In our 21 years of commercial cleaning experience, this one is almost always neglected. Vents require a deep cleaning monthly and weekly maintenance is essential to their appearance. Not only is it healthy for breathing in clean air, it makes a major appearance statement (for better or for worse).

Did any of these surprise you? Did you take a look around your office and notice your cleaning company has some work to do? We look forward to taking on the load.

Reach out to us and request a free quote for your office building, doctor office, daycare or boutique fitness studio.

We can't wait to chat! 👇🏽

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